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Why we fell in Love with Northwest Arkansas - Wedding & Family Photographers

A little insight into why we decided to become Northwest Arkansas wedding and family photographers. 

#1 The Ozarks

What first stole my heart when we came for a visit six years ago...the Ozarks. The clear streams, colorful fall leaves, crisp, cool air and rocky embankments like I had never seen before.

Lee and I fell in love with Devil's Den State Park. Hiking up to Yellow Rock and looking across the mountain ridges will always be one of my favorite memories. Something felt right, something about this place felt like home.

#2 The People

Good ole Southern folks. The kindness we've received from the vast majority of people we have met here is just heart warming. This being the case, it's no surprise that we have also run into an amazing sense of community. I've never met a group of people so proud of where they live.

#3 The History 



Our trips to NW Arkansas have always involved some amazing history. From the ruins of Monte Ne on Beaver Lake to the amazing Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs. Lee has used many of these locations in his writing. We are actually so intrigued by the local history we plan on doing a photo/video project focusing on forgotten skills of the Ozark people. More on that coming soon! 

#4 Aniquing  (It's a verb 😁)

When we were dating, a typical day out together was coffee, antiquing and usually a book store. Things haven't changed much! We were delighted by how many wonderful antique shops are here. And the coffee at IHCC in Rogers was pretty great as well.  

#5 Woo Pig Sooie!!!

Never in our travels have we come across a city that is so proud of their local team. To be quite honest, neither Lee nor I are big sports fans, but the fever is contagious. We are super excited about going to our first Razorbacks game. And already have plans for some great faceprint for our son....and probably us as well.






All this to say, we couldn't have asked for a better future than to be NW Arkansas Wedding and Family Photographers. We are excited about growing our business and making our home here.