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New Blog Post: Hello, Washington and Oregon!

New Blog Post: Hello, Washington and Oregon!

We’re Lee and Cassandra Blaylock, recent transplants to the Pacific Northwest.  We’re also a married photographer-videographer team.

We’re from the Deep South--Hattiesburg, Mississippi, to be exact, a college town in the southern part of the state, where Brett Favre got his start as a Golden Eagle at the University of Southern Mississippi.  It’s also home to Leatha’s BBQ, where you might have seen Andrew Zimmeran of “Strange Foods” fame enjoy a Soul Food dish consisting of cooked possum.  The first note of what would become known as rock and roll was recorded in Hattiesburg; it’s the birthplace of American music.

We lived an hour and a half north of New Orleans, and boy do we miss beignets buried beneath drifts of powdered sugar (and drinking café au laits) at Café du Monde, the smell of creole cuisine rising from open doors and open-air café restaurants; we miss the festive spirit in all those narrow lanes of the French Quarter, where the buildings—balconies festooned with ferns, iron-wrought railing—are painted in as many colors as there are personalities living and working there.  Fleurs-de-Lis everywhere you turn.  The French Quarter: where "When the Saints Go Marching In" is always on the air, trumpeted from some street nearby.

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